June Baby – Our Final Round



If you are reading this,then yes, the rumors are true and we have let the cat out of the bag!

The Simmer Family 5 will be welcoming it’s sixth and final little one into this world, with an approximate arrival date of JUNE 30, 2015!!

We could not be anymore excited for this new adventure as we welcome in a new year, full of new expectations, and prepare to once again to become a California family.  As we have joined our family together over the last year, with a gorgeous and intimate wedding in Bodega Bay, and as we await the finalization of David’s adoption of Julianne Rose, we decided that it was the right time to begin the final step in bringing our family’s beginning to a close.

As March rolls around, we will be returning to California, ready to settle in and prepare for our munchkin to arrive shortly after.  Our boys are thrilled to have another addition to the family, and our oldest is already convinced that he is going to have another little brother to play with.  Julianne, of course, does not quite understand the concept, other than wondering if “the baby in Mommy’s tummy is  baby Jesus, like Mary”. Out of the mouths of babes…  We haven’t yet explained that we will not know if they have a sister or a brother until the baby gets here!  In the meantime, we patiently play the waiting game, doing what we can to strengthen our marriage and our children until we can all settle in together and work towards our greater dreams and goals.

David and I are so thankful for the love, encouragement, support and excitement that we are surrounded with, and will be surrounded with as we spread our wonderful news.  Our children have so many people who love them, and as parents, we could not wish for more!

As the weeks go by, we will keep this page updated as we welcome you to share in our joy.



David and Hannah

Trenton, Logan, and Julianne Rose


Our June Baby

4 weeks. No belly yet! We were lucky enough to find out almost right away.


11 weeks. Unlike my other pregnancies, I showed much more earlier than ever!


15 weeks


16 weeks pregnant with J.R. on the left. 16 weeks currently pregnant. What a difference!!


17 weeks today – no changes to report however.  I still haven’t felt any real movement, and I haven’t had much noticeable growth this week either.  Just waiting patiently for our ultrasound!!


20 weeks! We were able to go back to Schoolhouse Beach in Bodega Bay, where David and I were married last April, and snap a few photos. It was a wonderful trip! This week hasn’t had much growth, but the baby’s movements have become much more noticeable to Mama! Daddy still cannot quite feel them yet though. We have our ultrasound today!




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