I don’t like to pull people’s covers, especially in ways like social media, but i can’t stand keeping my mouth shut and not defending myself and my children anymore.  i don’t deserve the hatred and lies that have been spread about me now for YEARS, and especially the most recent accusations and actions that were taken against me and my littles within the last few months.  I am a wonderful mother, and a dam good partner.  I love my babies with all of my heart and they are and have always been my top priority!  Before you  start pointing fingers, calling names, and spreading vicious, awful, devilish lies, be sure you have your own life in order.  Make sure your slate is clean.  Don’t lie about my relationship to make your lack of any decent relationship look better.  Don’t lie about my motherhood if you don’t have custody of any of your children.  don’t think you can keep my children from me just to fill some emptiness in your soul.  Don’t fight to make me look horrible to make yourself feel better.  Don’t degrade my integrity and character when yours is less than savory at most.  My family is my life.  I will take whatever measures I have to ensure that my relationship is whole and Godly and thriving mo matter what, even if it means making some of the hardest decisions of my life and entrusting it all to My Savior.  I will take whatever measures I have to in order to keep my girls safe, even if it means keeping them from people who seek to use them as tools to promote their own selfish hatred.  I’m tired of sitting back and letting the world try and tear apart what my God has put together without standing up for myself and the people I love.  Support me and my family or don’t.  I don’t care.  I don’t care, but don’t expect me to continue to try any longer to make things work for everyone.  I’m taking my man and my babies and staying as far away as humanly possible, no longer allowing any kind of this poison to continue.  The. Freaking. End.


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