Power of Positive Thinking

Nothing fancy, but just a few thoughts on this surprisingly warm day of rest…

Next Sunday, I’ll be praising my Jesus with the best of my best in the warm sun at the best church around.  Until then-
A huge thank you and I love you to everyone in my life who is always there, always supportive, always positive, always encouraging.  As a wife and mom, I’m working hard to keep my family going in a positive, uplifting, motivated direction, encouraging each other rather than the seemingly constant barrage of negativity that surrounds us.  And those of you who choose to contribute to that in our lives keep us on our toes, realistic but determined to make the best of our lives for our babies and each other.  I really couldn’t keep my sanity if it weren’t for you.  I’ve seen God working out all the little stressful details in our lives, and it’s such a blessing to see how He uses my chosen family to do that so much of the time.  I love you all, and can’t wait to be home. ❤

Taken from today’s Facebook musing:


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