images-1 I am the Mustang. I am strong. I am free. I am beautiful. I am as independent as the wind I chase. I know where my home is but I will never stay for long. I am only seen when I want to be, but I will always be heard. I am loyal. I am not brave, I just do what is necessary without considering the consequences. My trust is not easily earned. If you try and contain me, if you abandon me, if you treat me without the respect I deserve, my trust you will never obtain or maintain. I will not be captured. I will not be broken. I will not be used for your worldly advances. I will not be put on show for all your eyes to judge. But if I am lured away from the open space, one apple at a time, to a corral which is never closed, perhaps you will be the one who will truly see me in all my glory. For there is no heart so astounding as that of a Wild Mustang.

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