Essential Oils – I’m Convinced

I am a serious skeptic.  Anything I read, anything I see on TV, all of those “As Seen on TV” advertisements and paid programs – I don’t believe any of it.  I also live on an insanely tight budget, that must serve a family of five, soon to be six, and never have enough money to “invest” into any of these things that could possibly save me so much money in the long run.  I eat relatively healthy, but tend not to be able to eat the healthy foods I would prefer to eat because I can’t extend my grocery budget enough to provide those healthy foods for all of my family members.  I tend to settle for the “more healthy” options, and occasionally get to splurge on the “organic stuff”, then just try and stretch out the little bit I do get to buy as long as I possibly can.  I end up buying knock off brands of OTC medications, and basic hygiene items, and realize they work just as well as the high end products I only get to buy with gift cards after Christmas.  And since I’m not insanely overweight, and have always been in good health, I wonder to myself if any of these gimmicks, any of these TV products, any of these “all natural” things could be worth the money at all!

I thought that way until last night.  I will not think that way again.  At least not about one particular thing.

Essential Oils.

In fact, I am now sure that I need every oil and oil blend known to man.

As I write this, it is Wednesday.  On Monday morning, I headed out to my garage, and worked outside until after nine o’clock that night.  By the time I was in bed, my throat was a disaster.  By late last night, I was barely able to swallow it was so swollen, and it hurt as if I had been dry coughing for hours upon hours.  I was miserable, and stressed.  I have a three year old, I am five months pregnant and I still live in a part of the country where winter is going to be around awhile.  I cannot get sick right now.

Now… go back in time just a couple weeks.  My mother-in-law had given me an oil diffuser and a few oils when we visited, after I had spoken with her about my curiosity with them.  I have a few friends who are retailers for the different brands, and although I had heard good things, I had not been convinced enough to spend the money for them.  But since she was so willing to give me the ones that she had, I thought it couldn’t hurt to try them… if I ever remembered to actually take them all out of the box.

Flash forward to yesterday one more time for me.

I had pulled out the diffuser out a little earlier in the day and had let it run with a few drops of frankincense for my hubby who was relaxing in our room for the majority of the day.  (He’s allowed to – he just had major reconstructive ACL surgery.  I digress…)  When I went to bed last night, the room smelled fantastic, which was a plus in and of itself, since our room gets extremely stuffy and the air does not circulate well at all.  I figured I would do a little research and see if any of the oils I had could be used to help soothe my throat.  In reading through the different articles, I decided it couldn’t hurt to try the Eucalyptus.


I applied TWO drops to the outside of my throat, rubbed it over as much surface area as possible, and rubbed it in.

I was SHOCKED.  Literally, within THIRTY SECONDS, it was as if I had never had any pain to begin with.  None whatsoever.  I was awake for a few more hours, and kept expecting the effect to wear off, thinking I was just numb or soothed to the pain, but it never did.

When I woke up this morning, I still had no pain at all.  I applied one more drop the same way I had last night, hoping to prevent it from occurring again, but I didn’t wake up with it like I thought I would!

I never in a million years would have imagined something working so well.  I still am not sure that all the others will work as well, as quickly, or as efficiently, but I certainly am going to give it a try.  If the others work even half as well as the Eucalyptus did, then I will be thrilled.  I have four precious babies that I want to be able to keep as healthy and natural as possible, and this very well may be the best option for that.


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2 thoughts on “Essential Oils – I’m Convinced

  1. I was a skeptic too but they totally work! They are a replacement for pharmaceuticals in our house. Welcome to the world of oils!! Please do some research on safety though. You should always dilute, and dilute a lot for kids and pregnancy. As you discovered, they are powerful!!

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  2. I too had to see the oils work with my own eyes! My son is a night time talker, so I gave him a drop of cypress on his hands… Asleep in 15 min! World record around here 🙂 I’m a true believer in oils and am going to have to get some eucalyptus!

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