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I found this gem tonight on my Reader, as I desperately sought some kind of inspiration in order to write tonight.

Instead, I bring you, “Be A Beck” from Kelly Suellentrop of Are You Finished Yet.

““Being a Beck” means taking the high road. It means saying something nice about those who seek to tear you down. It means finding the humor in things that don’t go as planned. It means knowing what and what not to take seriously. It means controlling your own actions and reactions when you can’t control someone else’s. It means being confident enough to understand that the mud people sling has more to say about them than you. It means knowing that arguing with a fool only makes you a fool yourself…so let that fool just go on and talk like someone is listening. And it means quietly doing your own thing, doing it damn well, and letting your hard work, your talent, and your actions speak for themselves.”

Find her full article HEREabout jacklegs, Kanye, positive reinforcement discipline, and raising our children to “Be A Beck.”


Being a mother of 3, soon to be 4, I must say, I love the reference.


— Hannah

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