A Rabbit Trail for the Heart – Random Ramblings

I never thought I would lose my voice.  I took the thing for granted.  And even though I still have my audible voice, it is the written one that escapes me.

I used to find inspiration in everything, but now, I cannot find enough of it to piece together a six word sentence.

Songs… novels… hell, even thesis statements.  Nothing was ever a problem.

I’m losing my excitement and my passion in life.  Maybe it is because I no longer am dreaming about a life I want for my future – I’m already living what I used to long for.  Maybe it is because I have put all of my heart and soul and emotion into my little family and do not take the time to find the things that used to ignite my soul.  May it is because I used to write from a place of pain and my heart does not live in that place anymore.

But whatever it is, it is frustrating me and causing an even greater lack of spark and idea.  It is a vicious cycle that needs a breatkthrough.  My heart needs a rabbit trail from it’s daily routine.

The hardest part is that I do not know how to find that anymore.


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