Proud to be an American, Even Today

Today, I will choose to CELEBRATE the inauguration of President Obama. Not because I agree with him, not because I support him, but because today I recognize that on this holiday, we honor a man who fought for civil rights, justice, honor and respect for all mankind. I will celebrate that the President DID make history by being the first man of color to gain office. I will celebrate that this country of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness is extended to every citizen of this country, no matter their race, or religion, or sexual standing, because that is what the constitution of this this SOVEREIGN land protects. I will celebrate our diversity, but most importantly, I will celebrate my RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS to have freedom of SPEECH, freedom of RELIGION, freedom of the PRESS, and my damn right to BEAR ARMS AS I SEE NECCESSARY. God bless AMERICA and I am still damn proud to be one!






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