Baggy Sweaters, Warm Coffee… wait… How do I even wear the baggy sweater?!?

Well, fall is swiftly approaching, and if you are in some parts of the world, it has already arrived.  This time of year is full of cool mornings, warm coffee, beautifully colored leaves, awesome boots, long, welcoming fireplaces, and all the brilliant, intoxicating smells of the season.  To me, the most invigorating kind of fall day is the Saturday morning, waking up, and before the coffee pot is even turned on to brew, the TV is turned on, beginning the soundtrack to my day that gets me going more than any amount of caffeine ever will – COLLEGE FOOTBALL!!  There is nothing like going about your day, working in the yard in the coolness of the day, cleaning up around the house, working on homework, cooking a warm, fulfilling meal, all while listening to the infamous announcers from ESPN, to ABC, to NBC, to FOX.  I am at home, and in my element during this time of year.

But one fall staple has this tiny, 5’1 (on a good day), 110 pound mother more confused than anything else from this season.


I am in love with the look of all of these baggy, long, chunky sweaters that are always such a hit every year.  But being as tiny as I am, I can never, for the life of me, figure out how to wear them!!

So, to all you ladies out there who have mastered the look, or who are more fashion forward than I, please help me out a little…

How do I wear this amazing piece of fabric??


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