Single Moms Can Still Do It All

For the last nine months, I have pondered if it was even possible for me to be able to still achieve my own goals, or pursue my own passions, while still being the best mother I could be.  Was there any way for me to still give my daughter everything she needed while trying to better myself, and do the things I love, or would doing so mean I would begin to neglect the one thing I love more than anything in this world?  But I have realized that the only reason I even had that question in my head is because of what others have told me I can, or cannot, accomplish.  And who are they to tell me what is possible in my life?

Now, more than ever, I am determined to make something of myself and my life, not just for my own satisfaction, but so that my daughter never lacks in anything, and that she has an example of hard work, a loving mother, and can see that anything is possible.  I know that I have passions and dreams for a reason.  They are not there to just sit idle and undiscovered.  I will be a business owner; I will contribute to society;  I will make a difference in the lives of people around the world, and I will do it in ways that people saw as impossible.  Tell me that it is “just simply not done” and I will find a way to do it more efficiently and effectively than ever expected.

I will not let the fact that I am a single mother with limited income stop me from anything.  It has been an excuse for me, as well as many others, I am sure.  But it does not have to be our hinderance, it can be our biggest blessing, our biggest inspiration, our biggest motivation.  I will not let my daughter’s father and his selfish actions determine how the rest of my life will go.  By giving up on the things that I know I am called to, I am inadvertently giving him the control over my life, letting him determine the kind of life I provide for my daughter.  That is no longer going to be the case.

So keep an eye out…  I will be on a motivated rampage, and no one will stand in my way.  I have always known what I am called to do, and the plan for my life, but I have let others stand in my way for too long.  My daughter deserves better than that.

Restaurants, Ministry, Retail, Music… This single mom will do it all.



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