This post from a childhood friend of mine is great!!

I use Jergens Natural Glow as well, as a lotion, however, instead of the daily moisturizer. The only reason for this, however, is I do not need the extra moisture! The color it adds to my skin is fabulous.

And of course – what girl doesn’t need a cute, comfy, inexpensive pair of sandals for the summer? Old Navy has served me well in this endeavor.

I haven’t tried her suggestion for a summer drink, but it is now on my list of things to find.


Summer is quickly approaching. (Ya right, we live in Washington) If you want to be summer ready here are a few things you must have! Considering you never know when its going to be a nice day, you might as well get prepared!

My favorite self tanner is by Jergens. Why not have a beautiful glow with out getting nasty wrinkles from tanning beds. You don’t want to be a scary ghost but you also don’t want to be a tan sharp pei.


It’s so light and gives you a darker look each time you apply, that way you wont get those streak marks every self tanner product worries about. It also leaves a light scent. Make sure to get the right shade for you! This product is only $7 at any store and has SPF in it as well. Talk about a steal!

My second Summer Must have is:…

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    1. lol Fred Meyer?? doesn’t exist down here unfortuantely! Do you know of anywhere else that may carry it? We have tons of organic and natural stores around here, so I may just have to go hunting 🙂


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